William Wood, also known as Merlyn Wood, is a rapper and songwriter and is most famous for being a member of a boy band group called Brockhampton. He's is known for being loud, energetic, and a boisterous member. Though his delivery on his rap versus are fast paced and party like, he doesn't shy away from more serious topics such as racism, poverty, and even socio-economic warfare.

biography Edit

he was born in Ghana but moved to Austin Texas at a young age.

After high school Merlin started studying at the University of Texas in Austin for architecture. Unfortunately due to his poor academic performance he decided to move to California, where the rest of Brockhampton came together.

In the song, Saturation's One: Milk, he raps about how he feels like an outcast and that he was facing pressure from his family to be successful;

Walking through the pit falls Of a college student Crazy how you get them letters And they make you feel accepted 'til you Walking 'round the campus and You the only African Nobody would pass 'em, just cats that take directions well Take acid trips to find themselves Well...

In the song called sweet he sings;

Poolside in Houston, tryna see if Beyonce will take me for adoption Broke-ass rich suburbs, a civilian shot in third world we just by the fountain

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